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Engineering Services

Product Development

We have a very talented, energetic group of engineers with a variety of backgrounds making us the ideal team for your next project.

Design for Manufacturing

Ready to move from development to manufacturing?  70% of manufacturing costs are determined by DFM decisions. Don't loose out on easy margins...

Reverse Engineering

With tools like 3D scanning, its getting easier and easier to make legacy parts in-house.  Can we recreate this?  Yes, and it wont take long either!

Layouts & Facility Planning

Accurate layouts and path planning can avoid costly mistakes, wasted material, and project delays.  Ease the jump from 2D to 3D with the help of RevB.

Concepts & Prototyping

Planetary Gear_edited.png

Try out more ideas with virtual and rapid prototyping.  We can perform dozens of virtual simulations plus several physical ones in a fraction of the time.

Design & Process Automation

A great way to differentiate in today's fast-paced engineering world is to make custom solutions.  Design automation makes it affordable.

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