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Sudden failure can cause big problems.  Make sure your design will make the cut and be Strong Enough without costly over-designing.

Fluid Flow

Our CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) team can analyze a multitude of flow problems to gain insight into your design.  Make sure to Go with the Flow.


Are you the Best...Around?  Your design is already great, but is it the Best It Can Be?  Lets get stronger, lighter, and cheaper than ever before, optimization.


Conduction, convection, and radiation...oh my!  Don't let your designs get Too Hot, with transient and steady state analysis of your designs.

Frequency & Vibration

Are you feeling good vibrations? Probably not as most vibrations are bad.  Analyze your assemblies' resonance to avoid those problematic frequencies.

Dynamics & Motion

Make sure You Like Your Moves.  We can take a look at torque inputs, force outputs, the timing of events, and all kinds of other motion problems.

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